Budget/Finance: The Finance Committee is responsible for the financial oversight of the club. Duties include developing and proposing a budget for the coming fiscal year, auditing financial records from the previous year, and identifying financial best practices to improve overall budget management.

Communication: The Communication Committee provides relevant communication to benefit, engage and recognize WTCNI members (newsletters, promotional materials, social media posts, etc.) and provides communication support to committees, when requested.

Health/Education: The Health and Education Committee will make recommendations to the Board on health-related topics. The Committee is responsible for offering educational programs of importance to Welsh Terrier fanciers, including those who participate in conformation, performance, and breeding, as well as owners of companion dogs. Programming may include scientific information that is vital to the health and wellness of our breed, information on Welsh Terrier type and function, information on housing and maintaining the Welsh Terrier, and societal and legislative issues surrounding dog ownership, among other topics.

Hospitality: The Hospitality Committee is responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing hospitality events at WTCNI events including specialties, supported entry shows, and performance events. The Committee will work with the Board to secure necessary resources, staff and support events, and advertise events to members.

Membership: The Membership Committee is responsible for increasing membership, welcoming new members, and identifying the needs of current members. This committee will work to understand the needs and perceptions of nonmembers, while keeping current members up to date on club business/activities.

Nominating: The Nominating Committee facilitates the healthy development and operation of the Board of Directors. The overriding duty of the committee is to attract and secure top talent for upcoming vacancies. Duties include identifying, recruiting, screening, and interviewing candidates.

Performance: The Performance Committee is responsible for stewarding the breed’s ability to perform its function. The duties of this committee include promoting performance events, planning and staffing club sponsored performance events, and encouraging good sportsmanship.

Security: The Security Committee is responsible for developing and implementing security procedures for the club and its members. Duties will include writing and updating policies and procedures as needed, training Board Members on best practices, and educating members on digital safety and security.

 Show: The Show Committee plans and manages all specialty and supported entry shows on behalf of the club. The committee will work directly with show superintendents, as well as the Hospitality and Trophy Committees to make sure that efforts are coordinated to ensure a successful show.

Trophy: The Trophy Committee will be responsible for selecting and obtaining trophies for all specialty and supported entry shows on behalf of the club. The Trophy Committee will work with the Board and Budget/Finance Committee to set appropriate budgets for these events.

Ways and Means: The Ways and Means Committee is tasked with the strategic planning and implementation of all fundraising activities in support of WTCNI and WTCNI sponsored and supported events.

 Website: The Website Committee is responsible for maintaining the club’s website, providing member support on the site, collating content, and maintaining the security of the information on it. Overall, the website is used to educate members and the public about the Welsh Terrier and the club’s activities and to facilitate the administrative functions of the club.