Mississippi Valley Kennel Club - Friday, June 2, 2023

Welsh Terrier Club of Northern Illinois
Designated Specialty with Sweepstakes Show


Sweepstakes Judge: Becky Eterno

Judge’s Critique:

My overall impression of all six entrants was that every one of them “belonged” in the show ring. They had well-proportioned bodies in good condition, nice heads, full dentition, good tailsets. Coat texture was also good, though a couple of the coats were just starting to come in well, making it a little harder to judge.

Since all the youngsters had good basic quality and all were only a month or two apart in age, 12-15 months old, I got to start out with a relatively level playing field as far stage of development was concerned.

My Best in Sweeps, a handsome, substantial male, Sanherpic Just Do It at Bayleighs, presented the best overall picture, with a particularly good, masculine head-neck-topline arrangement, moderately short back and good tailset. His very showy attitude and good movement sealed the deal.

The female side of things presented a more difficult choice. All three of the girls, while a bit different in style, were close in quality. Movement made the difference for me, resulting in my choice of the substantial and free-moving Brynmawr Night Chimes as Best of Opposite.

Thank you to the Northern Illinois Club for allowing me to evaluate your puppies. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

Becky Eterno
Longmont, CO



Name of Dog



Best In Sweepstakes

Sanherpinc Just Do It at Bayleighs

Keith Bailey

Best Opposite Sex to Best in Sweepstakes

Brynmawr Night Chimes

Michele Foley, Kathy Rost & Jean Callens

BOS Sweeps Brynmawr Night Chimes


Regular Class Judge: Bruce Schwartz

Judge’s Critique:


Name of Dog



Best of Breed / Group 1

GCHS CH Abbeyrose Black Chrome

Mary Duafala, Judith Anspach, Pamela Allen, Suzan and Randy Williams, & Daryl Peters

BOB GCHS CH Abbeyrose Black Chrome

Best Opposite Sex

CH Brynmawr Common Good

Kathy Rost, Jean Callens & Janice Simmons

BOS - CH Brynmawr Common Good

Winners Dog / Best of Winners

Seaplume's For Your Eyes Only

Caryn Stevens & Matt O'Farrell

Winners Bitch

Sanherpinc Juanita

Santiago Pinto

Select Dog

GCH CH Carroway Bayleigh’s Feel the Burn

Emily Carroll & Keith Bailey

Sel Dog - GCH CH Carroway Bayleigh's Feel The Burn

Select Bitch

CH Brynmawr Curds & Whey

Diane Borneman, Bryan Safranski, Kathy McAtamney & Phil Schmitigal

Sel Bitch CH Brynmawr Curds And Whey